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brenna mattiello

After receiving her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Alberta, Brenna moved to Calgary for her current position as our full-time research coordinator in February 2021. Prior to joining the SCRUBS team, Brenna’s previous research experience focused on the cardiovascular toxicity of chemotherapy for women with breast cancer and exploring the role that diet and exercise may play in mitigating


As research coordinator for the SCRUBS team, Brenna oversees our current research projects conducted at the South Health Campus. This extends from working directly with patients to assisting in the development and implementation of our studies. Outside of the office Brenna is a passionate runner and true crime podcast enthusiast, a trait common among SCRUBS members. Finally, Brenna prides herself on having the most humerus dad jokes among this orthopaedic team; with Brenna you know everything is tibia okay.

such damage. Brenna also spent her five years at the University of Alberta playing for the Pandas Varsity soccer team.

Orthopaedic Research Coordinator, BKin 

South Campus Research for Bone and Soft Tissue 

#310218, South Health Campus, 4448 Front St. SE., Calgary, AB


  • White, N. J., Reitzel, S. L., Doyle-Baker, D., Sabo, M. T., Mattiello, B., & Samuel, T. L. (2021). Management of patients with hip fracture receiving anticoagulation: What are we doing in Canada?. Canadian Journal of Surgery, 64(5), E510.

  • Kirkham, A. A., Goonasekera, M. V., Mattiello, B. C., Grenier, J. G., Haykowsky, M. J., & Thompson, R. B. (2021). Reliability and reproducibility of cardiac MRI quantification of peak exercise function with long-axis views. Plos one, 16(2), e0245912.


(403) 956-3687 [W]

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