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Dr. gurpreet dhaliwal

Orthopaedic Surgeon, MD, FRCS(C)
Orthopaedic Hand Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery & Plastic Surgery 

Clinical Lecturer, University of Calgary 

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Dr. Dhaliwal is an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon with South Health Campus. He is also a fellowship director for Orthopedic Hand Surgery and a clinical lecturer at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Dhaliwal is very modest about his activities outside of work, but would like the audience to know that he believes steamed dumplings are superior to those pan-fried. Furthermore, according to insider information, despite owning a few fancy cars, the apple of his eye is his 1960 Volvo.


Dr. Dhaliwal completed his undergraduate degree and medical degree at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. He bagan residency in Orthopedic Surgery first at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for the first year and then continued with residency at the University of Calgary. Dr. Dhaliwal completed two fellowships. His first fellowship in 2008-2009 was at NYU-Hospital for Joint Diseases (New York, NY) for Hand Surgery. He then completed a fellowship in Hand, Peripheral Nerve & Microsurgery at Washington University - Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in St. Louis, Missouri. 

research interests 

Dr. Dhaliwal is a principal investigator for an ongoing pilot study assessing hand osteoarthritis with HR-pQCT. He is involved in patient recruitment through his clinic and will be working to establish a clinical perspective to the findings to deduce the relationships between hand OA progression and functional outcomes. The results of this study will provide ground for future research using imagine techniques to assess the structural progression of hand OA and the relationship between inflammation and structural damage in hand OA.

Dr. Dhaliwal is also involved as a co-investigator in a variety of other studies, including in the “prevention of posttraumatic joint contractures with Ketotifen 2 (PERK 2)" trial as well as the "randomized comparison of partial wrist fusion with or without triquetral excision (PARTE)" study at South Health Campus. 


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