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Orthopaedic Surgeon, MD, FRCS(C)

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Trauma

Clinical Lecturer, University of Calgary

Dr. Kwong is a dual fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon and is excited to be one of the newest additions to both the SCRUBS team and Division of Sports Medicine at the University of Calgary. His subspecialty practice focuses on arthroscopic and open treatment of acute and

shoulder, knee and ankle.


chronic injuries to the


Dr. Kwong obtained his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. He then returned home to Calgary to complete his Orthopedic Residency training at the University of Calgary. This was followed by two fellowships. First, a Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship at the renowned Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI) in Los Angeles, California. While at SCOI he was trained by some of the pioneers and leaders in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy. He then completed a Complex Knee Surgery Fellowship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre at the University of Toronto.

research interests 

Dr. Kwong brings a keen interest in research to the SCRUBs team that started during his time as a resident in Calgary. His research interests focus on Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery. His clinical research has been the recipient of several research grants and awards and has been published in the top Orthopedic Sports Medicine Journals.


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