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sarah reitzel

Sarah is an experienced clinical research coordinator and registered nurse in the surgical suites. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neurosciences (BSc) from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS and then received a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) from the University of Calgary.

Research Nurse Coordinator, RN, BN, BSc. 


Sarah started her passion for research as a volunteer with PEMRAP at the Alberta Children's Hospital, which led to working in clinical neurosciences research. In 2017 she made the leap to orthopaedic research and has been with the team since. 


  • White, N. J., Reitzel, S. L., Doyle-Baker, D., Sabo, M. T., Mattiello, B., & Samuel, T. L. (2021). Management of patients with hip fracture receiving anticoagulation: What are we doing in Canada?. Canadian Journal of Surgery, 64(5), E510.

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